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    Costa Cálida Property Services offer a fully multi-lingual professional paperwork and translation service, helping non-Spanish residents or property owners through the bureaucratic paperwork of owning a property, selling property or living in Spain. Our highly qualified staff can help you to deal with most types of paperwork, including translations, conveyancing, residency paperwork, Wills, banking, vehicle registrations and licences, notaries, inheritance and even handling utility companies.



Our staff are not only highly experienced at dealing with the Spanish system, they're also multi-lingual. Between them they speak Spanish, English, German and Italian.

About Costa Cálida Property Services

A few words about our professional staff
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All of our team are highly experienced at dealing with the issues faced by non-Spanish speaking residents or property owners and fully understand the frustrations that can be felt when encountering Spanish bureaucracy.

Even Spanish nationals will express frustration at the seemingly endless pieces of paperwork which are required for apparently simple undertakings, but all of those working at Costa Cálida Property Services are highly knowledgeable about Spanish systems and legislation, so will ensure that the process is as smooth and painless as possible for their clients.

Meet The Team

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Ana Isabel Tamborino

Office Manager

imageAna obtained a superior degree in economics and business administration from Salamanca University. She also has a Master’s in business advice. As a bank employee for several years she understands only too well the financial, property and banking problems experienced by clients relocating to Spain. Fluent in Spanish, English and Italian she helps her clients achieve the peace of mind merited by those who have come to the Costa Cálida seeking a better lifestyle. Ana founded Costa Cálida Property Services in 2002. She is an expert dealing with income tax issues, for both residents and non-residents in Spain, and she also has a vast knowledge about inheritance tax and legal paperwork.


Beatriz Garrido

Taxation & Administration

Beatriz has been working for Costa Cálida Property Services since 2012 and has a business degree, as well as several qualifications in taxation, management and administration. Her main role within the business is technical administration and she has a vast amount of experience dealing with clients and the various bodies necessary to undertake work on behalf of clients, in both English and Spanish.


Denise Birch

Customer Service

Denise has been working for Costa Cálida Property Services since 2007 and has a solid background in customer's help in the services sector. As an expatriate herself she understands better than most the type of problems experienced by those re-locating to Spain or purchasing property here and has a vast amount of experience dealing with the requirements of clients.


Mayka Durán

Translation & Interpretation

Mayka has a superior degree in English studies and a Masters in translation and interpretation. She also has a good working knowledge of German and Italian, and can help and advise in many aspects of living in a foreign country. She has been working at Costa Cálida Property Services since 2003, and she is an expert dealing with house sales and purchases legal paperwork as well as registration and legalization of buildings

Property Services

Conveyancing, Notaries
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Anyone buying or selling a property in Spain is required to undertake a number of processes which involve the submission of paperwork to various bodies.

These start BEFORE money changes hands and we can help new purchasers through all of the basic processes including setting up a bank account in Spain, arranging a mortgage in Spain, taking out personal loans, applying for credit cards or moving money to Spain. We will also make sure your property is described properly, and also check if any charges are registered before going ahead with the purchase.

For any transactions which require the payment of taxes to Hacienda such as buying a car or property, foreign nationals must apply for an NIE number (identification number for foreigners in Spain).

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We are experts in dealing with the whole process of buying or selling your Spanish property, so you can feel the entire procedure is easy and painless.

Some purchasers will choose to live in Spain permanently and will require assistance applying for permanent status and informing the local authorities and tax authorities that they are now fully resident. We can offer up to date advice on all aspects of residency and NIE applications for residents or those buying a holiday property.

Not only local authorities will need to be advised if you purchase a property: the property must be registered with the Town Hall (Catastro),land registry, water and electric contracts must be signed and other processes undertaken such as signing on for health cover.

Costa Cálida Property Services can assist in all these areas and can also help you to find competitive insurance and security services for your property: in fact, we're happy to make phone calls on your behalf to Spanish businesses/offices etc or accompany you to the Notary in the role of translator to sign for title deeds, mortgages, witness wills, Power of Attorney etc as required.

When selling a property it is also highly advisable to notify all of the relevant bodies that you no longer own the property and ensure all utilities are cancelled, all of which can also be undertaken by ourselves.


Registration and / or legalisation of building works

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Licences are required for any aspect of building work, including constructing a wall, converting a patio into an enclosed space or building swimming pools. In many cases properties have been sold without licences.

We can deal with the legal registration of extensions, pools or any other additions to your property. We can also arrange for the "fin de obra" or end of building works registration.

All this paperwork might be needed when you sell your property, or you might want to do it just for your own peace of mind.


We can offer very competitive prices, just ask for a quote!

Vehicle Transfers and Driving Licences

Driving in Spain
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There are many considerations when owning or driving a vehicle in Spain and Costa Cálida Property Services is able to help you with most aspects.

Driving licences

All EU nationals moving to Spain permanently should consider changing their driving licence to a Spanish licence. We can help you to exchange your UK driving licence for a Spanish one, or “renew” your EU licence if you are not intending to stay permanently so that it can be legally used in Spain.

We can also help you to arrange for the necessary medical examinations to process applications for not only vehicle driving licences but also diving or owing a shot gun.

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Vehicle transfers

We can also assist purchasers/vendors with the transfer of their log books when buying or selling a Spanish registered car.


We can offer very competitive prices, just ask for a quote!